11:59:00 PM

I'm now 26! Yey!

I thought I'd write about how I am or where I am now but that would just depress me because I still don't have a car or a house, not even thought of buying either one. Now I'm depressed! I don't even have an iPhone which I can use to take photos of myself while chilling at Bora or anywhere abroad (specifically Singapore) and post them on Facebook via Instagram.

The iPhone thing's not entirely true. It just so happens that half of my friends or contacts in Facebook are either:
a. an iPhone user
b. has been to or is planning to go to Boracay
c. has been to or is working/living in Singapore
d. fans of Instagram, posting random stuff (e.g. their foot, breakfast, squatter's area)
(I think I've posted this part somewhere but I can't find it any of my previous posts, nor in the drafts. I wonder where I've posted this.)

Well, maybe I want one for myself! Bora has to wait til December, after my sister's wedding. As for Instagram, I'm good with Pixlr (it's also built-in in Photobucket!).

So what's up being 26? Nothing really. I'm four years closer to being 30! I'm not even going to have a party or anything to celebrate it. I never felt like I wanted to. Ever. I wonder why. I'm weird that way. So what happens today? I have no idea!

12:00 AM: Aj and Julian greeted me right away

Aj: Birthday na ni mommy! Happy birthday mommy.
Julian: Happy Valentine's!
Me: Ha? No, not happy Valentine's. Happy birthday.
Julian: Happy BORTDEY mommy.
Julian said he'd give me anything Sakura as a gift and we can't celebrate until I have a cake. Sweet!

2:00 AM: Finally defeated Archfiend of Earnestness in Patapon 3! So I continued playing until around 4:00 AM-ish.

10:30 AM: Woke up!

10:40 AM: My sister sent me this:
She's in SG right now by the way. It's the thought that counts! Plus, I'll get my gifts (yes, plural) when she gets home mid May this year.
11:15 AM-ish: Was on my way to work, inside the jeep, I heard a group of college students talking about the Avengers. 
Girl 1: Ganda ng Avengers!
Girl 2: Oo nga eh. Anong part don pinaka gusto mo?
Girl 1: Nung nag talo si kapteyn America at Iron Man? Sabi ni kapteyn America "Kung wala yang iron ano mo, ano ka?" Sabi ni Iron Man: "Eh di billionaire, playboy, at PHILOSOPIST." Parang philosophist? Basta Ganon. 
Girl 2: Ako yung kay HALK. Nung binugbog nya si LO-KI. Tapos akala nya bati na sila ni Thor tapos sinuntok ni HALK.
3:15 PM: Our group earned 3 more pebbles! Thanks to my persistence in having another speaking activity today.

9:00 PM: Went home.

9:50 PM: Julian and Jewel greeted me with these:
Happy Birthda Chongy A & L
The youngest sister arranged them. She knows Korean?
The youngest sister had to taste the purple one's to check if they're ube flavored. She gobbled up the one with the "&" sign.
Thanks Chong and Kimy for the lovely and delicious cupcakes! 
Who is Chong? That's what my sister and I call each other with. My siblings don't call me Ate by the way.
* photos taken with a BB 8520 Curve phone.
* cupcakes from Micha and her mom, they made Julian's cake and cupcakes, too!

10:30 PM: Dinner with Aj and Julian at home. Menu: Sausages (with Mang Tomas sauce), sardines (with calamansi!), and ham.

11:00 PM onward: Edited and uploaded photos, thanked everyone who greeted me on facebook, and played Cityville (forever!).

Slept early because one of the boys broke the PSP's LCD so I couldn't play Patapon!

Happy birthday to me!!!

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