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I was reading about saving money and the pareto principle when I stumbled upon an article (I didn't bookmark!) saying that we wear only 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So true!

June is just around the corner and I promised to clean up my act, starting with my closet. So last night I finally decided to purge my closet of clothes I had for several years and those I never really wear. I took a before and after photo but I decided to not publish them because I'm not sure I'm ready to show everyone what's left of my wardrobe!

I've no idea what I'm trying to pull off with this set. Nautical? Maybe. 
I love watching home makeovers and most of the time owners have a difficult time parting with their old stuff, so I thought it'd be the same with me. Not at all. I was done in 30 minutes. I guess my heart truly knows what's best for me. 

Anyway, since I don't have much left, the next logical thing to do is buy new ones! I have to be smart and practical this time around. So I spent my free time browsing through fashion blogs, magazines, and online shops for inspiration. 

I'll be busy this June (up to December actually) and I'm looking forward to going out every Sunday! I wear jeans to work six days a week so I badly want shorts and comfy shirts when I go out but I want a polished and clean look; not a lot of accessories but I want statement pieces; comfy and practical but stylish footwear; and matching nail polish too! Gosh I'm asking for too much.

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