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I'm online 90% of the time (oh wait, make that 75% because I just lost my phone and it'll probably take me week to get a new one and connect to the internet from there): stalking friends and famous people on social networking sites, reading updates, news blogs, etc., learning about HTML and photo editing, playing Cityville, uploading and editing photos, writing for this blog, etc.

What do I do when I'm not online? Watch DVDs! I can't recall which series and movies we've seen already but I think we've ran out of titles to watch. For May, I don't think we've watched a lot; Bad Ass, Gone, Journey 2, 21st Jump Street, This Means War, Red Tails. As for the series, no new episodes for HIMYM, Hawaii 5.0, CSI, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Modern Family, Grey's, etc.

Good thing we've ran out of American series', Aj discovered Being Human. It's about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living together. The story isn't a winner but their accent is just lovely! I'm learning a lot of expressions too!

Mitchell the vampire, my favorite. He's not in love with any humans, he doesn't glitter, and he's blood thirsty. But George (the werewolf) and Annie (the ghost) are pretty interesting characters, too.
Photo from: BBC Three: Being Human

My student also recommended that I see BBC's Sherlock Holmes. At first I thought that it might just be another one of those good-for-nothing shows but I stumbled upon a few blogs saying that it's really good. It will definitely watch this one, too.

Any recommendations?

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