May Roundup

11:00:00 PM

T-B, L-R: Birthday cupcakes, Mariott trip, Starbucks night with Tiny, Mother's Day celebration, Another coffee night with Tiny, My new pink shoes c/o Aj, Ms. Jenny's birthday, Noah, and birthday gift from my sister

It was raining like crazy this morning and what a great way to remind me that summer is officially over (and like the past years, I have never seen sand until today). Well May is over and even though I failed to set foot on the beach, I'm pretty happy with how the month went.

Well first and foremost, it's my birthday month! No big celebration but the cupcake surprise almost got me teary-eyed! I got lovely gifts from my sister, a new pair of pink shoes, and Noah which replaced my lost phone (Instagram check!). We had two potlucks: one for mothers' day and another one for Ms. Jenny's birthday. Both were successful (as always). 

But I guess the best part of May for me is that my kulob meter isn't that high! I spent my Sundays wisely: date with Aj, Bella's christening, and went apartment hunting with my boys. Tiny and I went out for coffee (thank you planner!), too.

The pressure is on June! Make us proud.

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