Food: J.Co Donuts

4:17:00 PM


After much whining about how I still haven't tasted J.Co's donuts, my sister and her boyfriend went home (during their stay here for a week) with a box of goodness!

They were so nice to look at that eating them seems like a mortal sin.

I love doughnuts as much as I love cupcakes (and other pastries or sweets--I'm not sure what kind of food they're called) but doughnuts have a special place in my heart. I'd eat any kind! Even the ones sold on the streets for 2 pesos a piece (fried in cholesterol-filled-cooking oil and smothered with white sugar?). I'm happy that the J.Co doughnuts stayed soft after staying in the fridge overnight. They're also not that sweet! I didn't get to try all but everyone said they're very good.

The green one's not avocado flavor, it's green tea.
Go Nuts, Dunkin, Mister, Krispy Kreme, Cello's, J.Co's. What's next?

Cupcake Anatomy
Would you try bacon doughnuts?

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