My almost carpool trip with Wunder

10:15:00 PM

I can't recall when I downloaded the Wunder app and when I requested for rides so I was surprised when I got a notification that someone accepted my request! I didn't even know my requests were still active.

When I clicked on the notification, the app showed me a map of where the car was coming from, our route, the time, fare price, name of the driver, and a big red cancel button at the bottom part of the map. I only had three choices: (1) send the driver a message, (2) cancel the ride, or (3) hit the 'back' button, which actually closes the app.

I don't know if it was also just out of habit but I immediately sent the driver my pick up point and my mobile number, which were already indicated in my travel details and profile respectively.

After clocking out at exactly 7pm, I dashed to the lobby and explored the app meticulously while waiting. I looked for the driver's contact info but there was none. The map didn't show the driver's progress which was no biggie since this is a common issue even with Uber and Grab. I didn't flood him messages cause he might be driving so I just waited.

A few minutes passed then a notification from the app asked me to rate the fare price, or something like that. I only had two options, confirm the price or hit 'back'. Since hitting the 'back' button only closes the app, I hit 'confirm'. Then I was asked to rate the ride. I hit the 'back' button again; the app closed. I re-opened the app through the notification bar and menu, same result. I closed it again and restarted my phone, same result. So I rated the ride and briefly narrated what happened.

While waiting, I got an email saying that the driver left me a message. I checked the app but I could only view my messages. After a few more minutes, I saw that he was asking for my exact location. I felt relieved knowing that I answered that before I even read his question; he must've read my reply.

7:30pm and he's still not messaging me. I checked the app again and I can longer view the map showing where he is. After emailing Wunder about what happened, I booked for an Uber.

I was already on my way home when he sent a message asking where I was. So I told him that I had already left and got an Uber instead.

He was very apologetic. I told him that I thought the trip wasn't pushing through since it was already almost 8pm.

I'm writing this not to diss Wunder or the driver. I'm sure he wanted to be there at the soonest he could but he had issues with the app, like me. I'm just sharing my experience with the app. It's not user friendly that's all. That's coming from someone who knows her way through apps, gadgets, and online stuff. I hope they make improvements soon.

Will I try to use it again? Carpooling would be very practical for me, so why not. The driver made sure he has my mobile number so we can probably try again next week if we'll agree on the time.

While I'm at it, any Wunder riders out here? How was your experience with Wunder? Share it with us, would love to hear some feedback.

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