Sugar rush

12:04:00 AM

After our Mariott visit yesterday, my excitement level for the wedding is understandably high.

I love these hanging center pieces. The Garden room's ceiling is really high though...

We're looking for a substitute for the red roses right? And mums are expensive so I think these would be perfect.

Gray and red!

Shoes galore! The flats are really adorable.

This is a very gorgeous wedding dress. 

Dear Designer,

Can you please make the maid of honor's dress look like this? Thanks!

Maid of Honor 
Isn't she lovely? Very chic and stylish.
Photo from: Bride and Breakfast

P.S. I will definitely cut my hair like this after the wedding. 
She's so pretty! I love her lipstick, too!
Photo from: Bride and Breakfast - Gorgeous Getaway

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