Mother's Day + Batch 7 Anniversary + A-Plus "Anniversary" + My birthday celebration

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Aside from being excellent teachers (naks!), we're also the best in organizing potlucks! Every single one has been a success: burger party, Linggo ng Wika, Christmas Party, Batch 8's graduation, etc. 

I'm the only celebrant for May but aside from my birthday, we also celebrated Batch 7's first year anniversary in the company (May 9), A-Plus' first anniversary under Amdatex (May 6), and Mothers' Day (May 13). 

We were going for a 'detox' or 'healthy' theme but it came out more as Italian? That's what they said. The food was great! Ms. A made a mean tuna pesto sauce. We all drooled at Mirelle's cordon bleu. Last but not the least, everybody loved my dessert and white sauce! 
Cordon bleu
Roasted Chicken
Pasta: tuna-pesto  and alfredo
Garden salad
Tropicana (c/o Jorlie!)
Ms. A's mean tuna-pesto sauce!
Picnik out, PicMix in!
Rose from TL and chocolate from Euke lele!
Thank you guys!
Ms. A and Mommy Grace
L-F: Joy, Bey, Jamie, Euke, Tiny
Tiny: Photobomber???
L-R: Euke, Tiny, Din, Mirelle, Jen, Sir Ryan, Jorlie, Mommy Grace, TL, and Eli
Eli: Go get some of me girls!

Next month's potluck agenda: June celebrants--Mirelle and Euke's birthdays! Wooh!

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