About Me

I have two sisters and a brother. Everyone in the family plays judo. In fact all of us wear black belts. I'm the eldest but fortunately enough I don't look like I am. My younger sister and I look so alike that people always confuse us with the other but never were we mistaken as twins.

1995, I was a member of the Muntinlupa Gymnasts and on June 12 we performed at the Quirino Grandstand for the Independence day celebration. After the presentation, I couldn't find my way back to the bus and to cut the long story short I got lost in Luneta.

They say I don't look so pretty when I'm thin. It's so horrible when you're more fab when you're fat.

I can still do flips, cartwheels with one hand, handstands, and head springs.

I find it weird when fish is cooked with water (sinigang na bangus for example). All their life they lived in water and you cook and serve them with water, too? I think it's too cruel.

I hate bananas because of their smell. Plus 100+ fruits.

My toes look really weird because most of them are broken or injured, which sucks because I really want to have great looking feet.

I generally HATE kids except for my own.

Three years ago, this blog was meant to be an online diary of some sort. Today, it's for my writing practice and still is a diary. I don't wish to change the world by writing inspiring stories or to provide how-to's with this blog, others are doing those just fine.

That's it!

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