My phone was stolen

3:19:00 AM

Around 9:30 PM at Alabang (near Analyn's). 

Ate Diane called me up while I was still inside the Jeep and told me that we'll be going somewhere tomorrow morning and since I have nothing to wear, I decided to stop by a small store and buy a top or a dress before meeting Aj.

Bad decision.

Narrating everything will be so boring and a waste of time. I'll just post the video later.

Anyway, I feel better now. I guess it is partly my fault that I wasn't too careful, will drop by Globe tomorrow for a new SIM card.

As for you Ate. Better make sure we don't see each other again. I swear to make you regret stealing my phone. You and your friends will be famous soon, I'll post the CCTV footage and furnish the police a copy. It's your time to shine girls. I really hope this is worth all the trouble you're gonna get.

Goodbye Blackberry. I guess we're truly not meant to be. I will miss you so much.

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