Congratulations Julian Vallen!

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Julian’s finally done with Kinder! Yehey! I’m a little, okay, overly exaggerated about it but it’s a happy occasion and I don’t see why we shouldn’t be too happy or proud about one of Julian’s first milestones in life. We want him to be able to remember how this day went and for him to know that events like these are important for us.

It was a busy day for all of us and without the help of good friends; I’m not sure how we could’ve made this day a success.

We wanted a small feast for family and friends, and quite a feast we had. We cooked in the morning until two in the afternoon, went to the venue at three, went back home at around six in the evening, and dinner. The dessert had to come a little bit late because Jigs, my brother, had an adventure of his own before he could deliver the cake and cupcakes to us.
Cake and cupcakes from Micha and her mom.
PSP from Dadsh
I didn’t have high expectations of the graduation ceremonies and honestly, I wished it’d be over in an hour. Kids in togas are so cute but when they start screaming or crying, it’s not a pleasant sight. Not to mention the many parents who have no regards to personal space or that you’re not supposed to badge your camera phone or digicam in front of someone who’s recording a video or taking a photo without at the very least say “excuse me, I’m gonna have to block your way.” The ceremony was a test of my patience and grace.

Like any graduation ceremonies, the graduates’ names will be called, certificates will be given, picture taking, and giving of awards. When it was announced that awards will be given, my head was telling me that I shouldn’t expect anything and Julian’s just starting out in school; no pressure, school was just play time for the kid. But at that moment, I felt how it’s like to be a parent for the first time. In the heart of my hearts, secretly I was wishing for his name to be called as the best in a subject. It was terrible for me to expect my kid to be so competitive at his age.

Then his name was called, “Most Active. Julian Vallen De Guzman.” I rose from my seat and clutched my kid’s hands like he was the class valedictorian. It was enough.

Plus, he danced the best!

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