Food trip: Proben

12:56:00 AM

*Toyota Alabang, near the tricycle terminal going to BF.

My quick fix of awesomeness before clocking in for work. 

What is Proben anyway?
Proben (sometimes also "Chicken proben", or spelled "Proven") is a type of street food popular in some regions of the Philippines. It consists essentially of the proventriculus of a chicken, dipped in cornstarch, and deep-fried. It is served either in a small bagful of vinegar, or skewered on bamboo sticks to be dipped in the vinegar just before it is eaten.-- Wikipedia
This guy must be from Amdatex! I think that's a proximity card hanging on his neck. 
Proben at its finest! Manong also has calamares. Never tried those though. 
Best served while still hot. You can ask Manong to reheat them if you want. The suka--dipping sauce: vinegar, onions, red chili pepper--is the best.

Cost: 10 pesos/stick (4 pieces/stick)
Yummyness: 8 out of 10
Yucky meter: Not for the sosyalera. 

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