Abbie and Joey's Despedida de Soltera

11:00:00 PM

I was having second thoughts if should go or not because it looked like the sky's dam just opened up. I already told Abbie (the bride-to-be) that I probably wouldn't make it since I'm leaving the office at 6:30 PM and the dinner's supposed to start at 7:00 PM. A 30 minute commute from Alabang to Quezon City would be really impossible given the hour and weather condition.

But then Ala PM'd me so I thought maybe I should go! So I did. Reached the bus station at around 7:00 PM and was at Cubao at around 7:30-ish.. Spent another 30 minutes from there to Quezon Avenue, then took a cab to get to Windmills and Rainforest.

I'm happy I went; good food, acoustic music c/o Joey's relatives, saw Charoz Pempengco, good company (Ala, Dra. Joie, Don, and I went to Quattro Bar afterwards and had a few rounds of beer), and a lot of catching up.

I never thought I'd get stressed out by a Photo Booth!
Windmills and Rainforest entrance
Don and Abbie
The gorgeous Ala (wearing the short, mint green dress)
I spent a good portion of the night pondering on how I can take this couch home
Cupcake, Like a Sir

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