Whattap 2013?

8:43:00 PM

How was your 2012?

Mine was obviously shitty. But like what a former TL told me: "Always find the beauty in everything you do." Which is incredibly difficult to accomplish believe me. I sulked, cried, whined, and cursed so much in 2012 compared to all the previous years combined.

Without any doubt, 2012 is a year I will never forget: I got single again after a long time, I got hospitalized for the first time, my sister finally tied the knot, never got wasted, started training again, almost thought of quitting my job, met people I didn't mean to, ate so much spaghetti and fried chicken (December alone), got retainers (!), increased my drinking capacity, and spent like half of the entire year in a slumber.

While everyone's hopeful and all about 2013, I'm a little bit scared of what this year will bring. What if it's worse? I don't think I can ever ask for a simpler life, or lighter problems. I've always felt that I'm not a simple or average girl so I'm not cut for anything simple. It always has to be complicated or cutthroat.

So for 2013, I'm going to stop asking why and just figure out how to survive another year.

Anyway, enough of my endless ranting. This year's celebration was more of a 'breaking traditions' kind of celebration (although my ever present spaghetti was there to grace the occasion): no firecrackers, no coins in the pockets, no money in red envelopes, no yema cake, no other sister and her husband, and most importantly, no staying up late (slept the whole night through, right after the clock hit 00:00, thank you Fundador!). I got drunk so I missed the pageant right in front of our house! I hate myself.

New Year on Instagram!
*The awesomest spaghetti! Yes, admit it. Don't be shy.
Inuman buddies: Ate Janet (can never call her 'tita', but she's my Uncle's wife), Jewel, and Ronnie
Hoping that red wine would dissolve all the spaghetti and fried chicken I gobbled up for two days
Anyhoo, I still haven't got a planner. I'm still thinking what to get. I spent the entire day (January 1) in my room, watching movies. Is that a bad start?

I'm thinking of making a new year's resolution, but it will be like a monthly challenge? You get the idea? Like, "Take A Photo A Day January". Yey! This is fun. Maybe, January should be: "Perfect Attendance January!" I'm sure my boss will love it!

Happy new year everyone!

*I've been talking about my spaghetti endlessly and you might be wondering if it's brag worthy. Hell yeah! I think I'll run a survey soon. Hah!

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