We need pencils and sharpeners, ASAP.

8:21:00 PM

Great thing about this crazy new schedule of ours is that I'm home before Julian goes to bed. I get to spend more time with the little *bulate (worm): dinner, school stuff, and TV!

It's their assessment week so we skipped drawing people and houses since Monday and reviewed his lessons. I don't have any problems studying with Julian since he's usually very enthusiastic about school stuff. He's the one who reminds me that it's study time.

I've heard from many parents that teaching your own kid makes you lose it, every patience and kindness you have are drained within minutes or seconds. Well, I'm not patient and kind to start with, but I don't recall being so stressed out with Julian's homework or exams.

For the past two nights we've been like this: I instruct Julian what to do, he does as told, I check out my restaurant on Chef Ville while he works on the exercises, he hands them over to me for checking and we're done before that new show of Bong Revilla on GMA starts.

Top row: writing the alphabet and numbers (he writes 5 and 9 backwards)
Bottom row: animals and plants (gave up explaining what are scales and fins)
*Julian dances really well. Proof here and here.
*The school believes that as preschoolers, they should not be burdened with homework and school should be about having fun. The only homework they ever bring home are activities they did finish at school, and this is highly discouraged.

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