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9:30:00 PM

After twenty plus years, I'm wearing retainers for the first time. Long overdue actually but I still think I jumped into the retainer thing quite quickly. I went to the dentist last Wednesday for a simple cleaning and I walked out with two extracted molars and an appointment next week (today) for my retainers.

Got them late this afternoon and I feel like a school girl with wires in my mouth! Awkward, uncomfortable, and really annoying. Now I know how you feel Chong. 

I tried eating a piece of bread while wearing them and it was a complete disaster. When I started chewing, it felt like I was chewing the retainers, too! They were completely intact but it sure felt like they got out of place and the bread I was eating automatically found their way underneath the retainers. The good dentist said I should not remove them today so how's a girl gonna eat? Soup it is. Soup the entire day!

Knorr (knerr, according to Jamie) mushroom soup!
P.S. This is why we love meals when the father is around:
Lunch, Antonio style!
Garlic longganisa, tinapa, toasted garlic, vinegar and garlic dip, bangus steak

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