My sweet boy

11:32:00 PM

My Spiderman!
Something I never thought I'd hear from my five-year old boy. 

He saw me sniffling one time:
Julian: Momsh? Umiiyak ka ba? (Are you crying?)

Me: No, baby.

Julian: Di ka na ba love ni Daddy? (Daddy doesn't love you anymore?)

Me: *sobbed a little more*

Julian: *choked hugged me real tight* Love naman kita eh. Okay lang yun. Love ka naman ng baby mo. *smiled and choked hugged me some more* (I love you. It's okay. Your baby loves you.)

Me: *whined like a cry baby that I am*
I felt so bad and relieved at the same time. Here I am sulking for a long time and hoping and begging for a man to love me back when someone already does, my son. 

Who said that only mothers can love unconditionally? My son clearly does.

Thank you baby for keeping me sane, for helping me put it together and I'm so sorry for not seeing and feeling that I'm well loved by you and other people. Thank you. Momsh momsh loves you so much.

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