Prettiest julalay evah!

2:49:00 PM

Good job NP! I look like I'm having a seizure in this one!
Buti na lang maganda talaga ko. Che!
*Better photos below

Couldn't wait for Nice Print's final photos and while everyone's uploading photos of themselves during the wedding, I had nothing to upload (that's not taken by Noah). Had to ask the brother-in-law for some of my photos and he did not disappoint. Sent these over whatsapp with the most unflattering captions! Kidding.

Anyway, my post about the wedding has been sitting in the drafts folder for a couple of weeks now. I'm still waiting for the edited photos (there are 6000 raw photos and the couple has to choose only 150) to include in the post. They've already posted some on Facebook and the onsite videos are also up, but I'll wait for the official ones (with the NP watermark. Hehehehe..).

So while that's cooking, I'll take the opportunity and shamelessly put myself in the limelight.
I knew that there were like ten photographers in the room but that did not stop me from misbehaving.
I have no idea what I was babbling about in the photos though.
Ruz, Jewel, and Kath
Maid of Honor duties: make sure the bride walks the aisle with the right shoes on
"I'm walking on sunshine! Woah oh!" 
Elaine and me
This is probably the highlight of this post as I am surrounded by people with incredible imagination.
No, we are not lovers nor do we have a 'thing'.
Engineer Senales is a childhood friend and has been a good one at that.
Hello Kuya! Kape at __________.
That's Jok by the way.
Me singing at the reception.
Kidding. No one would allow it. Not even my sister. I was giving the speech here.
I have my own photographer.
Lovely sisters! Jewel, Chong, and Me!
Not cut for the wacky pose. The pa-bebe sister, Ateng hoodlum, arteng bride, and chinky-eyed adik na groom (I'll tell you why in a bit)
Smile father! Smile! 
Me: So ano yan? Kinaganda nyo yan?
I swear I don't recall why my face was like that.
Gel, Jewel, Chong, Me, and Kath
Chonggobelles :)
Facundo, sunugin lahat ng panget. Madali ka.
I swear those look like kalabasa (pumpkin) flowers.
Check out the videos here and here!

More photos (and finish the post, hopefully) to come!

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