What's in your 'kikay' kit?

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When you're online 24/7, you're prone to seeing things that make you feel inferior The Internet will most likely show you what you can't get your hands at. I follow a lot of fashion and beauty blogs and I envy them a lot. First, how can you spend so much money on these products?! I always feel so bad for not having even one of their items in my vanity kit. Two, just how nice is it to test different products for a living? Nice nice nice.

Anyway, most of these bloggers feature what they have on their make-up or vanity kit. Ha! I will do just that right now. But I won't be showing off my make-up kit since I don't own a lot of make-up.

Presenting, my forever reliable 'kikay' kit (I should definitely give it a better name).

  1. Sanitary napkin and liners - never leave the house without them, you can never trust the ones at vendos, ever!
  2. Cotton balls, Q-tips, hair pin - applicators
  3. Facial moisturizer - I can live without make-up but not this
  4. Shower gel - just in case things get a little dirty and a shower is a must
  5. Petroleum jelly - cure it all!
  6. Hair conditioner - conditioned hair instantly makes me feel great
  7. Baby oil - make up remover
  8. Perfume - refill of my favorite perfume at the moment
  9. Body butter - this is actually my mom's
  10. Sewing kit - for those outfit emergencies
  11. Feminine wipes - used to carry a bottle of feminine soap but realized water may not available so wipes are the way to go
  12. Oil control film - better than pressed powder, believe me!
  13. *Shampoo - I always have a sachet
  14. *Toothpaste and toothbrush - they won't fit in the bag so I carry them separately
  15. *Nail cutter and tweezers - borrower hasn't returned them yet
  16. *Tissue and alcohol - I have them in super sizes so they obviously won't fit in the bag, too
Tada! That wasn't so hard. I used to carry a pair of undies then but since I usually just travel to and from the same two spots for like forever, I decided to ditch them. Too much for a kit? You should see my everyday bag. Harharhar!

Anything I should include in my kit? What's the most peculiar item in yours?

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