Chicken. Chicken everywhere!

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You all know that Julian and I are suckers for Chowking's fried chicken right? It has become our unknown pledge that we'd eat at Chowking every Sunday or Monday (my rest days). However, the weather wasn't exactly trip-to-the-mall friendly that afternoon (dinner was another story).

Plan B then! G4 foodhouse! It's the nearest foodhouse in our place that serves fried chicken so we hurry our hungry butts to G4 because they're open until 12 noon only during Sundays.

We ordered the usual (plus chopseuy this time) and just waited. And waited. It felt like forever really, when it's only been five minutes since we returned the menu back to the waiter.
Julian: Momsh? Wala pa?

After 30 seconds.

Julian: My, tagal pa ng chicken ko?

After 10 seconds.

Julian: Bakit ang tagal?
I bet we were the most annoying customers that time but they couldn't shoo us away since we're regulars.
Julian: Momsh, wake me up na lang pag andyan na pagkain ha?
Have we had enough? Of course not! Presenting, dinner! :D

2 slabs of baby back ribs, 2 pcs. friend chicken, 1/4 roasted chicken
Had to go to the mall later that evening for some errands and decided to have dinner at Kenny's and we were pretty much not ourselves when we ordered this group meal: 4 sides, a pitcher of iced tea (which tasted a lot like toothpaste was added to it), 4 cups of rice, and the plate above.

We only got to the ribs and had to take everything else at home. Good times!

How full can you get after a slab of ribs and sides? Just enough to squeeze in some ice cream after.

I love Sundays!

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