How to break off from an engagement

5:45:00 PM

In just 7 steps!
  1. (the most important element) Be friends with really fucked up fellas.
  2. Order Badtrip at Central.
  3. Transfer to Stratosphere and join their 8-shots contest.
  4. Win the mother-fucking contest in 21 seconds.
  5. Have a friend record the whole thing.
  6. Add said friend on facebook. Keep privacy settings to zero so she can tag you easily on the video she uploaded on youtube and embedded in her blog.
  7. Explain to future-husband the whole shebang!

That night at Central and Stratosphere last year was not just some random night out with girl friends. It was beyond cray-zeeee! I was ready to be screwed over by Badtrip but since I had my defenses on, it did not succeed (thank you Sungsong!). My friends were not so lucky though, but it wasn't the cocktails that did it. Here's the culprit!

Heard from Jamie that Angela's getting married this year, and soon! So as your new found friend, here's a token of my friendship. A good thing of having me around is, you have a photographer/videographer on standby. The downside of that is, I do not filter or discriminate materials I take, most especially including scandalous stuff.

P.S. Lucky you I ran out of battery when we loitered at the parking lot. You sure loved the ground where the yellow Lancer GSR was parked. Cheers to more of your greatness love!
Oh, and here's another contestant. Tsk tsk tsk. If you have to embarrass yourself, do it right, go all the way! 

**Sungsong: dried peanuts with the shell on
**Dear Angela, I consulted with Jamie and she said this is okay. Hehehehehe.. Cheers love!

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