Happy Three Kings

11:00:00 PM

I have no idea what this day is about, only that it's called "Happy Three Kings".

Anyhoo, holidays are officially over as most of us will be coming back to school or work tomorrow. Did not have any special plans for today but to clean my room, DL more movies, and watch movies for the rest of the day.

It was especially difficult since Julian wouldn't want to leave! He insisted on just watching Oggy and The Cockroaches all day, pleaded (with cute puffy eyes) to stay in our room. Halfway through my chores, I had visitors! Ate Reeka, Jayson, Ruz, and baby Chrissha!

Ruz and Chrissha were at the Senales' so they decided to drop by since my place is near theirs. I haven't even showered when they arrived. I'm sure they won't complain and even if they did, I won't care. Ordered some merienda (kwek-kwek, ginataang halo-halo, lumpiang gulay, and Coke) while Chrissha was busy exploring our abode.

Nice to have some friends over since I'm practically never home and everybody's so busy to ever pay one another  a visit, so it was a nice change. Plus, I got some presents! Ruz got me a framed photo of us during the wedding, a toy for Julian, and, wait for it, a planner from my sister and brother-in-law! Suweeeeeeet!

Julian kept on asking how to turn on the 'iPad'. Hahahaha! Still haven't told him that it will never turn on.
Planner: check! 
P.S. So the married couple is asking me to do a blog site for their wedding in exchange of this lovely bribe. Should I give in?!
Also, photos of Chrissha up next. Mowdel mowdel ang peg!

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