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Part of my 30-DAY challenge is to be able to train again. Thank you Mondays (and hopefully the rest of the week) for letting me train.

I had many sorts of bad luck today starting with the weather. I have a big gym bag and no umbrella and I did not expect that Taft is the new Espana! For how many years I've walked those streets and I've never seen that much flood water. Anyway, I left the office at around 4:00-ish PM and arrived at almost 6:30 PM.

So glad I brazed the storm and whatnot! I'm sore all over but the good kind of sore. My back feels like it's going to fall apart but it feels good. I missed the sweat, the soreness, everything! Three randoris later and I thought I was going to choke because I was out of breath. Hahaha! Also, I felt really old during training. Not just because I haven't played in a long while but because the players were YOUNG. Except for Jayson and Rj of course.

Another thing, I seemed out of place because everyone was NICE. Hahahaha! It was quiet inside the dojo and I'm not used to that. I feel more tired when I'm quiet. Anyway, it's nice to meet new faces inside the mats. Hopefully, I'd be able to train not just on Mondays (morning shift please...).

Me, Ate Reeka, Rj, Keith
Me, Ate Reeka, Jayson, Rj
P.S. Weighed-in and I'm 52.40 kgs! Almost there!

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