Hello November!

5:59:00 PM

What a shitty way to start November! I've been in a limbo for the past months and I really look forward to a better month each time. But no, the next month has to be shittier. I spent the first weekend of this month at a hospital. Yes, I got admitted for the first time in my whole life.

My first time and I was by myself. Guh-reat!

I don't blame anyone, by the way. I knew I was going to be admitted two days prior. My mom was even teasing me while I was ironing the dress I was going to wear to the hospital. I kept asking everyone what I should bring, not because I was anxious or what, I was so excited! I knew that it would be a minor operation but not the general anesthesia, ECG, blood work, X-Ray, tons of tests, and disorientation upon waking up alone in your room with a thick bandage on my right underarm. If I knew it would be like that, I would have called everyone on my phone list!

By 1:00 PM, I was already groggy with demerol (I swear it's what the nurse said) and the nurses at the ER were so concerned of my stuff or where to put it since I was by myself. I ended up calling my ex and believe me, I have no idea what I told him. I just knew that he was with his girl (I also did not know at the time that they got back together again). So anyway, the operation was at 2:00 PM and the last thing I remembered was being told by the anesthesiologist that she'll be putting me to sleep while the nurses strap my left arm to the bed. I woke up at 9:00 PM, alone in my room and I had a slight panic attack. So I called my ex. I couldn't reach his number so I called his girl's number (yep, we're text mates), asked for him, and cried like a fucking baby.

By the way, I would have loved to share the before and after pictures of myself and what the operation was all about but after testing with my beloved sister, I sent her an email of the photos and when I read the words "OH MY GOD!!!", "Yuck!", "Kadiri!", I decided that the rest of the blogging world isn't ready for it. Besides, my future enemies might use them against me. Who knows, right?

I slept most of the time. I don't remember eating anything Saturday until Sunday night and my main concern was taking a bath. Of course I can't and until today (November 8) I haven't taken one. Good thing I was prepared! Grabbed my soap, face towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, and dragged my IV post (is that what you call it?) to the bathroom. I tried shampooing my hair but both my hands were useless (IV on the left, bandage on the right), plus I left my towel outside and there's no way I'm taking two trips for a goddamn shampoo.

The whole hospital thing could have been much worse of course. My nurses were all male and snobs but had warm hands and really nice personalities. They were on time (all the time!) for everything. They took care of me but weren't snoopy or chatty (each asked once if there was anyone with me and dropped the subject when I said there was none), which was a real relief because it's really hard to talk when the anesthesia and other meds or drugs they injected me decided to leave my system until I left.

Also, I only paid 360 pesos for everything! Thank you HMO! I should have gone to Asian Hospital!

So much for a first time. I had high hopes and although very disappointed, I'm still happy this happened because at least I found out that there are still those who care and most importantly, I was able to go through another troublesome time with help from people who mattered.

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