Food trip: Amici's Gelato

10:30:00 PM

How do you spend your Friday night?

The girls and I originally planned to have din din at Tokyo Tokyo or Kanin Club at ATC because: 

a. Jamie's loading on carbs for obvious reasons
b. Payday
c. We're clocking out early
d. Kulob remedy

But since the bosses treated us to pizza late that afternoon, we were beyond full (four slices!) by the time we clocked out. Dessert it is then!

Cakes were mighty expensive at some of the nice joints (400+ a slice?!) and I seriously did not want to have coffee after consuming more than 4 cups that morning. My good friend suggested we try out Amici and thank goodness we did. 

A serving costs 80 pesos! Not bad at all! You can choose from a plastic cup or cone. The place smelled divine what with the pizza and pasta and other goodness cooking in the kitchen. We promised to come back and try the  dishes next time. You might find their gelato a little too sweet so when that happens, order black coffee to balance it out. But for me it was great. 

We'll definitely spend another Friday night here. 

80 pesos/serving (about two scoops)

8 out of 10

Yucky meter:
Not cramped, well-lit, well-ventilated, wasn't able to check-out the washrooms (if they had any), staff was attentive, too exposed to shoppers though

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