Fried chicken date

7:00:00 AM

Julian saw a menu of Chowking lying around my room, pointed to the fried chicken, and asked me to buy him a meal. So a date it was yesterday at SM Tunasan.

The best fried chicken (fast food that is)!

Lunch then Tom's world. Then an hour loitering at National Bookstore. Another 30 minutes or so at Booksale because he couldn't find the 'right' one. Bought goodies at Goldilocks (two fluffy mamon's didn't make it the baunan today). Last stop was at the barber's shop. After taking a shower, we both spent the rest of the day watching Naruto.

Good times.

See that crew at the back? The one wearing blue, serving orders? The one wearing a cap and holding a tray?
Julian: (voice loud enough to be heard by everyone in the mall) Momsh, kamukha yun ni Tito Ronnie o!
Yep, the crew serving food looks like his Tito Ronnie daw.

(Forgot to include Julian's books)
Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan by Bob Ong (150 pesos)
The Rainmaker and A Time To Kill by John Grisham (97 pesos each!)
Thank you heavens for books on sale!
Unrelated news: after how many years, we (actually, just my dad's TV in their room) finally have cable!

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