Ending the world right

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The Internet’s flooding with dooms day posts and it’s not exactly annoying but predictable. Nyahahaha! Funny how people aren’t so relieved that the so-called prediction didn’t come true. Ungrateful crazies.

My students kept on asking about what to call this day, “end of the world” or “dooms day”? I asked them if they believe the prediction and everyone answered no but they also kept on asking about it. I have no idea how to answer really. Should I quote the bible? Mention Nostradamus? Talk about the Mayans? Beats me. The world’s ending and I can’t even share anything about it.

So how would you spend your last day on earth? A very alarming, but common answer among men I’ve talked to said they'd probably RAPE, not just have sex but rape, about 10 to 20 women. Men. Me? Drinking cocktails and chewing on nuts.

Not the kind of 'mani' I hoped for but...
Angela, Sarah, Me, Jamie, Merle
Central San Pedro
Kobe loved 'Badtrip'
I so love my "night-out' outfit. White collared shirt with the company logo stitched on the left side, jeans, and sneakers.
First time at Stratosphere
Just before the contest.
And they looked pretty normal here. Don't blink!
8 shots winners
Congratulations Angela!
The winners: Sarah 21 seconds and Angela 20!
Smokey eyes you say?
The last time we had 'Badtrip', we promised we're never tasting the damned thing again, ever. But just like promising we'll never drink again, we ordered not one but two pitchers of this drink that should've been named "I'll screw you and you'll be begging for more". Badtrip + BadGirl + San Mig Light = a full load of crazy crap that probably stopped the world from ending. Or like what a friend of mine suggested, we're probably on an alternate universe already. Nice...

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