Me time

11:00:00 PM

I decided to spend the whole day for myself and I'm so glad I chose a Monday as my rest day. Hello long weekend!

My day on Instagram (L-R):
My first time inside Etude
Krispy Kreme's got Spiderman on their doughnuts
Schublig sausage for dinner
Neon nails
Baked zitti and Caesar's salad for lunch at Sbarro
Derma appointment at Wam Medical Spa
Bob Ong's Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin
It's been a while since I went out alone. Before I had Julian, I'd do stuff (watch a movie, go to a really far place, dine, drink) by myself. I wasn't able to do any of that after I gave birth. Must be the lack of time or the guilt that I'd leave my boys while I'm out having fun. 

After today, I realized I should have never stopped that ritual. I work hard and I should play harder, shouldn't I? I'm done with drinking and partying so giving myself some pampering and love it is. I ate my favorite food, went to the spa, and indulged a little bit on beauty stuff. 

Bought Julian his favorite pretzels from Auntie Ann's, sausage for Aj, and Bob Ong's newest book for my brother as pasalubong.

I spent more than the usual but it was worth it. 

Next Monday: Julian's first day at school!

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