Sunday date: Shoe hunting

11:00:00 PM

Me and the boys spent the afternoon at SM Tunasan to buy Julian school shoes.

Lunch at Jollibee (as always)
Noah's newest bling
We tried 4D Extreme for the first time and Julian went nuts!
We didn't buy those pair after all. The got the white one instead.
It was a very productive afternoon for the three of us; Julian got his shoes, I finally have an SM advantage card and bought 2 flats at only 350 a piece, and Aj is now a proud owner of a computer chair.

P.S. The 4D Extreme Roller Coaster was not that nice. I just got a headache from the twisting and turning and the glasses kept on sliding down my face. The animations do not match the motion of the seats too well also. We probably would not try it again.

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