Japan japan!

11:00:00 PM

Julian spent the past three nights at his Mama Baby's place. He abandoned me for three nights. Three nights! Who abandons their mom for three nights?!

I also haven't seen my mom for a long time even though we practically live in the same house! 

I saw both, Julian and my mom, this morning as I was getting ready to leave for work. Were they happy to see me? I have no idea but they decided to leave for Judo together. If only I can skip work and go with them! Well I couldn't because of the Shanghai Expo later. 

He's still working on his ninja pose. 
I badly need to download an app or buy an alarm that would wake me up in a matter of seconds. I think I developed this liking for snooze buttons because I make sure to set my alarm an hour early just so I can push the snooze 12 times before finally waking up. 

P.S. Thank you Ms. A for bringing good food and gooooood coffee!

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