Food trip: Kung Pao and Shawarma Rice

11:00:00 PM

*SM Tunasan, KFC and Khaleb Shawarma House

Shawarma rice
Pasta Bowl - Kung Pao
Not in the photo: Chicharong bulaklak
After a very unproductive afternoon at Globe and Smart, we decided to drown our disappointments with food, spicy food!

KFC's Kung Pao has been our favorite (he's not really into spicy food but he digs this rice bowl). I've been craving for some shawarma rice for a long time now so while I already have a rice bowl of my own, I wasn't able to stop myself from ordering!

shawarma rice = 75
pasta bowl = around 120 with drinks
chicharong bulaklak = 110/100 grams

shawarma rice - 6.5 out of 10 (rice was too soft, poor beef and rice ratio, not enough of the white sauce)
pasta bowl - 9 out of 10

Yucky meter:
SM Tunasan's food court - free WIFI, not too crowded even if it's a Sunday, but wiping the tables with a big slimy looking sponge is a big turn off. I should bring wipes.

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