Globe and Smart: not much of a difference

11:00:00 PM

I planned to accomplish a lot of things today:

  1. Report to SMART that we cannot access our internet using any browser and only games or messengers are functional and get an update about a rebate we should have gotten two months ago.
  2. Get rid of my Blackberry Max subscription and get another unlimited data plan for Noah.
  3. Send Micha the payment for the lovely cake.
  4. Buy Julian some Mamon.
Only #4 was successful.

Smart is always jam packed, be it in Festival Mall or SM Tunasan so I was prepared to spend the remainder of the afternoon there. After the long wait, we were just told that a report has been made. That's it. I asked when's the soonest they can fix our problem and the lady explained that it will probably take a week before whoever she emailed to email back. Great. 

Next. The rebate.

We weren't able to use our connection at home for about 3 weeks last March and after the problem was fixed, we were promised to get a rebate for those 3 weeks. Two months later, we didn't get any. We learned that our "issue" is still pending and that no action has been done yet. Okay, fine. "So when will we get the rebate?", I asked the lady again. When she answered: "I'm not sure ma'am. We'll have to wait for one week for their response.", I said good bye and left right away. 

People at Globe cannot tell you or they can't do the following:
Unsubscribe me from BBMAX
Find out how much I'm being charged from May 30 until today for my data plan
Use my phone's data plan unless I'm willing to pay extra

And I'm like, "Why the hell not???" I was just waiting for a very logical explanation as to why they can't do anything about my request but all the guy did was look defeated (I barely raised my voice I swear!). 

My bad. I didn't ask for her bank first. I thought her account was with BDO. 

Bought Mamon at Goldilocks for our baby boy.

We had to appease our inner demons with some food.

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