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My mom's a fan and since magazines about zodiacs and feng shui are a constant sight in our house, it became a habit of mine to read about my future, too. I got pretty swamped with important stuff that I guess I matured a little bit that I had no time consulting the stars and the moon (and the whole universe) about what's up tomorrow.
My mom's pretty proud that she's a Libra while I'm a Taurus. 
She said it's because only a Libra can tame a Taurus.  
Photo from: Sir Alistair Rai
I was cleaning my inbox earlier when I noticed that I have a separate folder to daily forecasts! I finally (after two years of subscription) opened one and read about my future according to the heavenly bodies:

Taurus Horoscope

Friday, Jun 15, 2012
You'll be feeling quite confident and optimistic at the moment, and this should turn out to be a very good day for you. If you've been feeling a little restless lately, you should take the opportunity to keep yourself as busy as possible today. You'll also be feeling pretty sociable and you really shouldn't hesitate to get out and have a good time tonight while you can.

You’ll feel like sharing all your thoughts and feelings with just about everyone you meet today, but you’ll be feeling a little opinionated as well. So just be careful that you don’t get so wrapped up in yourself that you forget to listen to what other people have to say. Mantra: I am not afraid to be myself.

Read this at around 9 PM already and 90% of it was true today! I continued reading about the weekend and it looks promising, too!

Weekly Love Horoscope
Your values may take precedence in your relationships during Jupiter in Gemini. Money should flow easier, too. This week, your natural sexiness makes you irresistible from Thursday through Saturday, so plan a date with your sweetie or go out and meet someone new. A gift that shows your appreciation can inspire romance on Sunday.

I'm not sure why but bogus or not, I got pretty perked up after reading it!
1. Money
2. Sexiness
3. Romance on Sunday

How nice is that? Do you like horoscopes? What's your zodiac?

Happy Friday everyone!

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