Food trip: Peanut butter sandwiches

11:00:00 PM

My favorite mug! Nescafe's Cafe Latte.
Those look like burnt insects. No?

Without the jelly! I need more people to convince me that they should go together. I love peanut butter (so much!) on it's own but after browsing through several food blogs, I learned that they go well with other stuff like bananas (ugh...), apples, or jelly. I want to be able to post about different kinds of peanut butter sandwiches (I'm not sure I can ever try bananas though) so send me a buzz if there's a recipe I should really try. 

Except for getting my butt off the bed, mornings aren't that bad actually: taho, breakfast (which is mostly coffee), fresh newspaper, it's bright outside but not too hot, and I have an hour for myself since the boys are still in dreamland. Was never a morning person but our new shift gave me no choice so I'm up at 7 AM for probably a week now. I couldn't step in the shower right after waking up so I spend a good 45 minutes reminiscing or planning about my day ahead over a big cup of hot coffee.

I prefer instant over brewed and I'm happy that Nescafe's selection of mixes got really interesting. I think I've tried almost all except for the chocolatey mix.

Let's talk more about coffee next time. 

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