Independence Day!

6:00:00 AM

My day on Instagram!
Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

I'm sure Tiny will die of envy of Kuya's cellphone protector. Water proof case!

View of the the flagpole from G4. Bilibid is so.... Bilibid!

If you've been to our house and complained about the lack of knives. Well, here's what my brother and I found in my parents' room while cleaning the whole afternoon, stashed everywhere are BIG knives (are they called bolos?). We are so ready for you Walkers!

Didn't notice that all of my dad's coin banks are full! The clear one has one peso coins while the vase has ten peso coins! Said he'll give the contents of the clear one to anyone who could give the closest guess as to how much it contains. Deadline, Julian's birthday (so soon!).

Showdown: Papa's spicy pork adobo and Mamang's pork steak. Diet, impossibru!

Madungis na bata.

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