Happy Birthday Chong

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Sisters don't need words.  They have perfected a language of snarls and smiles and frowns and winks - expressions of shocked surprise and incredulity and disbelief.  Sniffs and snorts and gasps and sighs - that can undermine any tale you're telling.  ~ Pam Brown
I've heard people say so many times that the only way to really know a person is to live in the same roof with him/her. Not true at all. I don't believe there's ever gonna be a way to really know someone. If that were true, I should know my siblings and parents inside out. But of course, I don't. 

In a way, that's a good thing. I'm not really sure if I'll be able to handle everything about them anyway. Although that might be the case, let me share with you some of the things I know so well about my sister who's celebrating her birthday right now.

Yes, Chong. I know we share a lot with each other but I'm sure there were many stories that we left out. Here is my list of stuff people don't probably know about you (or they probably do but I can't make a nice birthday blog for you, hence the list). 
1. Getting nervous on the first day of school.
I think we were in high school (I was probably graduating then) when we had this talk about the first day of school. She would tell me that she dreads it. Why? Oh, simply because she wouldn't know what to say when the teacher/professor would ask her to introduce herself to everyone.

2. Flowers.
Whenever we watch TV and celebrities would be given bouquets of flowers when they appear/attend a show? She would always tell me or whoever is watching with her that she wants to receive bouquets of flowers, too.

3. Weddings.
She's never quite particular on who the groom will be (kidding Kimy!) as long as the wedding's going to be perfect. If there's something nice she sees, she'll tell you that she'll have that on her wedding. If you piss her off, you're not gonna be invited and she means it like you're gonna die if you won't attend.

4. Getting rich.
Her ultimate goal in life is to worry about how to spend lots of money, where to stay next because there are so many houses she can live in, where to travel next because she's been to every part of the world, which car/s to buy, etc and this is really ironic since she's like the one of the stingiest most frugal person I know.

5. Mixed/mashed food.
It doesn't matter if what menudo would taste after putting it in between dinuguan and laing on the same plate, together with lumpiang shanghai and some maja blanca. And bananas don't taste weird if you put strawberry jam or peanut butter or ketchup in it. Nothing's too weird or icky for her when it comes to food.

6. Befriending 'lowlifes'
With this one, I've still not learned to embrace it at all or would I ever want to. I have no idea how she can mingle with people who are either dumb, stinky, or completely clueless about the simplest of things. She's friends with everyone even after she bashes them or hit them literally.

7. Buying clothes
She'll spend money on clothes but undies have to come cheap. Okay, I think that's enough sharing for this one.

8. Crying
Cry baby. But only if she can't kick your ass for whatever reason (i.e. you're the boss).

9. Sleeping
I'm not quite sure if she still does this but I remember very clearly that instead of hugging pillows, she'd put her feet inside them instead.

10. Birthdays
There always has to be a celebration of some sort. Well, she's 3 hours away by plane now so I'll probably hear about how today's celebration went a little later but I'm pretty sure she's not staying in front of a PC going over her files.

So there.

To one of the strongest ladies I know. Keep your head up always. Sharpen your skills. Know your craft well. Stay healthy. Take care of Kimy. If things go out of hand, don't worry too much. If it can be fixed, then you'll find a way. If it can't be, then let it go, move on.

Happy birthday Chong. I'll see you soon.

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