Mamang Julian: Adult Issues

10:00:00 PM

Nope, my mom's not that old.
When Aj and I got home the other day, I saw that my mom was in my sister's room. She looked like she was sleeping so I didn't bother asking her why she was there. I though it was odd that she's in another room at 10:30 PM when she's usually sleeping in their bedroom at around that time.
So I asked the only other person around at that time, Julian.

Me: Julian, bakit andun si Lola sa kwarto ni Tita Wel? 
Julian: Kasi bad yung papa mo. 
Me: Bakit bad yung papa ko? 
Julian: Eh kasi pinapalayas nya si Lola.
My mom has definitely found her ally and I'm pretty sure Julian was persuaded to do so.

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