Mamang Julian

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Julian's just four but like what I posted in my Facebook status last week, I've had better, interesting, and sensible conversations with him than with people my age.

I have yet to invest on a really good video cam to document his words but until then posting them here would do (I hope).
You can't easily fool him or bully him. He sure has an arsenal of get-back-at-you lines and awesome cuteness if the first one doesn't work.

Scene 1:
JULIAN: (asking me to buy something)
Me: Wala akong pera.
JULIAN: (to his dad) Ang hirap ni mommy no?
Scene 2:
JULIAN: Mommy, bili tayo ng Marty's.
Me: (mopping the floor) Wala akong pera.
JULIAN: (approached his Lola who's lying on our bed watching TV) Lola, bili tayong Marty's.
Lola: Wala akong pera eh.
JULIAN: (returned to me) Mommy, mas mahirap yung mommy mo.

He has a stuffed toy named Nico (short for Niccolo, we got him from Blue Magic) which looks like a Syberian Husky. One night, he forgot to bring it home with him and left it at his Mama Baby's place.
JULIAN: (half crying) Mommy, si Nico wala.
ME: Eh asan ba?
JULIAN: Andun kela Mama Baby.
ME: Bukas mo na kunin, gabi na eh.
JULIAN: (in his super cute cry) Kawawa naman yun dun. Wala syang daddy don. (continues his cute cry)
That's all I can remember for now but I'm sure to post more.

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