Eating ampalaya and Parenting

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While the physical demands of being a parent is really arduous, I believe that shaping them into well-rounded and morally grounded individuals is more grueling. How the heck am I supposed to do this when half of the things I SHOULD teach him I don’t actually believe in? How can I convince him to follow stuff I don’t? How do I tell him to eat ampalaya when I wouldn’t even touch this awful vegetable?
Ginisang Ampalaya (sauteed bitter gourd)
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When a kid or playmate hits you, NEVER hit back. Tell your mommy or that kid’s mommy about it. 
One day, I saw him with small bruises on the left side of his forehead so I asked him how he got them. He said our neighbor’s kid did it. Of course I wanted to beat the shit of this kid but I probed more. Julian saw this kid with his toy and demanded that he get it back. The kid didn’t want to and when Julian insisted, he hit him with something, thus the bruises. I asked Julian what he did after. He just said that he punched the kid. I wanted to hand him a trophy that says: Great job for punching that kid who gave you bruises! But of course I had to restrain myself and give him some advice I myself would never listen to at any given time. I told him that he shouldn’t have hit him back, instead, he should’ve went to the kid’s mom and told her what happened. I was proud of myself for about two seconds for sounding like a true adult, when I realized that the kid’s mom is a total lunatic.

Eat healthy.
The only time I ate cooked ampalaya was during one Christmas and my mom dared me to eat half of a small plate of it for 500 bucks. DEAL! I don’t remember how I managed to do it but I did. I hate it when my mom talk about vegetables like they’re the only good thing left on earth to eat. Also, when your kid is as picky with food as you, just how on earth do you make him eat healthy stuff? I'm already elated when he asks for a peanut butter sandwich. 

No TV.
I just read in an article that kids who watch Spongebob Squarepants experience attention and learning problems. Well, great! We just happen to love Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and the rest of Bikini Bottom! I absolutely agree that TV shows can greatly influence kids on a lot of things and in a lot of ways. I always read about the negative effects of TV but I don’t think I’ve ever come across one that says the other way around. We learn a lot from it. What we do with what learn is a different story. I guess, watching TV worked for Julian because we watch with him so we get to explain to him if something’s off. Also, he’s a bright kid. He knows the difference between funny and stupid. The only time I don’t let him watch TV is when he’s being punished for something.

My point is, simply, rules are there as a guide, not absolute truths. So what if he gets into fights? As long as he’s not the one who started it, then we’re good. So what if all he eats are peanut butter sandwiches and eggs? We’ll invest in a lot of vitamins. So what if Patrick’s absolutely dumb? Julian only laughed at his dumb antics and never imitated them but he knows he’s a good friend to Spongebob.

I’m awful at parenting? Yeah, maybe you’re right. But guess what, at some point, ANY parent would suck. I’m raising my kid as best as I know how and as long as I don’t overdo anything, I say I’m good. And vegetables really suck.

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