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**This is a post for yesterday.**
Have I mentioned before that I absolutely hate rain? No? Oh, well, I am telling you now. I hate it because:

  1. It’s very uncomfortable and disgusting when my feet and shoes are wet.
  2. Going to work or anywhere else is all the more gruesome.
  3. It’s stinky all around.
  4. It’s muddy all around.
  5. Carrying an umbrella and wearing a jacket is a must.
  6. The sound of pouring rain, cold breeze, and gloominess around you makes you want to just curl up in bed while the TV is on.
  7. Laundry smells weird.
  8. The house smells weird.

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I stepped out of the house this morning and it it was VERY SUNNY. I ditched my ugly umbrella, brought a sheer cardigan instead of a hooded jacket, wore my favorite doll shoes, put on my sunglasses, and left.
After FIVE minutes inside the Jeep, it rained out of nowhere! I really thought there’s a storm because the streets were starting to flood. I remained calm and thought to myself, this happens almost every week and before I reach Alabang, it’d be sunny again. It did not stop raining. Oh I’m going to be drenched for sure. I just have to run really fast to reach the gate. Good idea. I could not run even if I wanted to. It was freaking flooded everywhere! I’m exaggerating a bit, but my feet were soaked in filthy rain water! Do you hear me? Feet + filthy water!

I’m not very happy when I finally got to my desk. I’m soaking wet from head to toe and I was late! I was late for one freaking minute because I had to maneuver through the flood and avoid getting hit by passing cars. I was pissed alright but there’s nothing else I can do about it and I just have to make myself feel better.
Maybe the God of another parallel universe saw my disastrous afternoon and was touched and realized that I need something to cheer me up. So this God did! I was directed to these amazing pages!

Curbly – It has everything I need! Cleaning tips, Home Makeovers, Food tips and recipes, DIYs! Ahhh!!! I love the closet and drawer makeovers.

Desire To Inspire – Yes, desire, to inspire. It features beautiful homes that, uhm, inspire! I really love the before and after makeovers and homes of real people.
Freshome – Another page that features wonderful homes.

Better After – Where the ugly and the old are transformed into magnificent pieces. I’m sure my Dad can get lots of tips from here and he’s going to start with our TV console and dresser.

better after_1
better after_2 better after_3

Polyvore – I know this site from before but I wasn’t really into clothes and shoes and stuff. But that was before! I totally love it now ‘cause I can assemble pieces that I like and get the look I want and make it a wish list!

So there! This post wasn’t really about my shitty afternoon. I just couldn’t find a way to share with you how I love these pages. I should have posted pictures of the things I like in each of them but there was just too many of the pretty things!

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