Brother’s Night

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The Best Burger in New York: When Marshall reminisces about finding the best burger his first night in New York but not being able to find the restaurant since then, the gang sets out on a mission to find the legendary burger. But as the search grows futile, Marshall becomes overly fixated in finding the burger, making the gang question if this has more to do with him not being able to find a job and the toll it’s taking on him.   ...

Episode 2: Season 4
How I Met Your Mother

Inspired by mentioned episode from our favorite sitcom (so far), we couldn’t let the week pass without having burgers ourselves. We love burgers (Aj loves them more), but we’re both not adventurers (Me with food, Aj with finding his way inside Alabang) so we didn’t have the same burger quest like  Marshall and the rest of the gang had.

We spent last week’s dinner at KFC, McDo, or Jollibee, so there’s no way we’re getting them there. Saturday night, we decided to hang out at Brother’s Burgers at Westgate, Alabang. It was my second time at Westgate and the first one was some one billion light years ago so I was a bit amazed of how the place looked like now. I grew up and lived here in the south but Westgate definitely felt like another town.

Anyway, I haven’t had any decent food prior to our so-called date and Aj was famished, we were out of the place within 20 minutes.


The place was awfully quiet and not crowded for a Saturday night which made me love it more. If we had more time and there were no signs of heaven pouring on us, I’m sure we would’ve looked at the other joints. Oh well, there’s always a next time.

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