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Unrelated note: I just spent two hours looking for a post I wrote three days ago. Apparently, I overwrote it. I feel so defeated.

The weekend is on! What are your plans? A good sleep tonight is the only thing on my list right now. I can’t remember the last time I had a really good one but this week’s really terrible. I’m aching all over. It’s a Saturday and I’m really looking forward to having some good shut-eye. Aside from the pain, I look terrible when I don’t get a good sleep (for a long time).

I looked for tips on how to do this and I was expecting the obvious (milk, warm bath, no TV, light meal, etc.) but I found interesting ones I thought would be nice to share.

For Sleep Facts and Trivia: Here, here, and here.

Weird beds that promise a good night’s sleep: Here and here. I think Aj and I need this kind of mattress, only it looks really uncomfortable.

And this one looks really soft but I’m afraid I might drown in it.

Looking for the best beds? Here and here.

Bed for the better sex? Hmmm…

Do you know what the expression “sleep tight” mean? It has something to do with the kind of beds people had way back then. Look here and here for a nice story behind this expression. However, the Oxford English Dictionary offers a boring (but maybe the correct) explanation.

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