Leon Guerrero and the RH Bill

10:10:00 PM

“Much as I want to interpellate, my tongue is not used to English. What if they don’t understand my Tagalog or I don’t know how to answer their questions in English? These senators are also lawyers who spent 10 years in law school while I spent 10 years practicing my stunts.”

By: Conrado de Quiros
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Leon Guerrero, aka Lito Lapid, you did it again Mr. Senator. I’m just wondering why you’re doing this to yourself. Really, why? You can’t join the discussion because of your skills in speaking in English and women at the senate scare you? Now I’m not sure if I’d be sad I didn’t push through working at the Senate and witness his stunts first-hand or be happy that I just get to read them on the news.

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