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Indulged myself into a lot of reading blogs and whatever there is to read on the net and neglected skipped posting. Discovered some really good reads about food, fashion, writing, everyday life, etc. I'm less occupied with work related things but with my new shift (9AM to 6PM), days have become longer and with that, I have more time for eating.

If I remember it right, it was early this year when I started bugging Aj for an oven because I wanted to learn how to bake and he wasn't really excited about my new found soon-to-be-hobby. I gave this really good speech on how baking and cooking are good qualities of a mom but with the blank stares he gave me, maybe I need to work on the speech more.

I mentioned my new shift right? Waking up TOO early (7AM early) is very alien to me. For the last two days I've been taking a shower, getting dressed, and riding the jeep half asleep. By the time I get to the office, my tummy annoyingly begs for food. it'll do that again after every two hours.

In between Jessica Zafra's Universe and checking reports would be food sites! There are a lot I've visited already but my sweet tooth was particularly attracted to cheesecakes this morning. I don't have an oven yet, so I was really into a fool-proof cheesecake recipe minus the oven and chanced upon this one on yummy. I'm getting off early today and wishing that my lazy bones would take a break. Hopefully, the cheesecake would do the convincing and get me that oven.

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