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Most of the time, when people ask me about Julian's age and I tell them that he's four, it's normal for people to follow me up with: "Pwede nang sundan yan." They're probably right and I certainly agree that the age gap should not be that big among siblings.

If you ask me and Aj, we don't loathe the idea of having another kid. In fact, we're kind of entertaining the thought of another cute booger around. 

So what's the delay? Julian. He doesn't really like the idea of another 'baby' in the house. Of course we tried explaining to him that it's nice to have a brother/sister around cause he can have someone to play with, yada yada yada. 

After the long speech and just when we thought we've convinced the little man, he suggested that we get a puppy instead. Not bad of an idea really. Until we visited a pet shop.
I'm no good with dog breeds. I just know that a dog barks and you spell the name as d-o-g, that's it. He already saw Labradors - also known to Julian as bantatay dogs - (Kimy and Lyka from Gen when we visited their house December of 2010) and Shitsus (Nicky and Kimy from Arkim when we visited New year of 2011). From those few encounters with really cute dogs, he instantly loved them. So long as they don't go near him.

Anyway, we were at the mall last week and on our way home we decided to drop by Bio-research (a pet shop) to show Julian more kinds of dogs. There was a Golden Retriever, a chihuahua, a Shitsu, a mini Pintzer, few small dogs I don't know, and a white Maltese. 

The one at the pet shop was not so white
and  its  fur was longer. 

We asked him what he liked among them and he pointed to the Maltese. Oh it was so cute alright. Until we checked out the price. Twenty nine thousand pesos (P29, 000). For a cute hairy dog. 

I believe we're getting a Labrador instead.

And we'll name it Miki!

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