2:28:00 PM

The Internet is slowly taking over my life. Online food delivery, social networking sites, youtube, online stores, email, etc. Everything can be done online! Plus, I really get excited with deliveries. I love it!

Just ordered a couple of stuff online (through facebook) and after several trips to our main lobby, I finally got them this afternoon! Weeeeeee!
The earrings are silver, while the necklace is dirty gold (a really bad description, sorry) or bronze? 
Ordered these at Classy Lassy's Closet. They're cheap and the ones I really want at the moment; simple, sleek, with a little bit of sparkle (still waiting for my "like a sir" earrings though). I think I'll be purchasing a few more next time. 

And this one's a gift. Thank you Doublemint. :)

Eiffel tower. Lock and keys. 

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