Happy Monday to me!

11:32:00 PM

I was slowly losing my head while reading a manual for an activity tomorrow (grammar stuff, instructions on how to properly "proofread"/mark an essay, etc.) when the phone rang. Up to now, I couldn't tell which one of the two phones we have on the floor is ringing unless you pick one up and be able to talk to someone on the other end. Anyway, I missed the call and for some reason checked out the missed-call list and decided to call back the most recent number. It was from the front gate and they called to ask if there was a "Maya de Castro" in our department. "Me! Me! Me! That's Me.", I told the lady guard quite stupidly. She said I've got a package!

My online purchase has finally arrived! Wootwoot!

Tina said that it looked like a pack of plastic (those used for making 'ice'?) when I showed her my package.

My first _______ this year:
  • online purchase
  • bought accessory
  • necklace after the one I always wore (given to me as a gift by an aunt) was nabbed at Buendia in Taft
  • most expensive accessory (won't be the last definitely)
Thanks Giftsahoy

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