Zooger the Tiger Puppy!

10:47:00 PM

When: November 23, 2012
What: A-Plus IS field trip
Who: Me, Julian, Aj
Everything was orderly. We left at 7 AM as agreed. Parents' and guardians wore red tops or shirts while the students were in their complete uniform.
We had lunch comfortably and we did not eat in boxes!
The buses were clean, AC temp was just right, we did not have to cramp.
Stop overs or breaks at gas stations were long enough for everyone to grab what they need and do their business without having to rush.
There were lots of animals! From serpents, to tigers, to birds, to donkeys and camels, to rabbits, goats, and small horses, to monkeys, to pigs, ostriches, and lots more!
Julian got another baby, Zooger.
Julian had loads of fun.
Another family day after a long time.

Food. The fish fillet was bland. We were served last! We all smelled like barbecue after.

Souvenir shop. There were lots of stuffed animals. That's it. Only stuffed animals and a couple of shirts with awful designs.

Tiger encounter. And they said this was the highlight of the tour. We rode in those caged jeeps then went to the savanna. Each group will pay for a chicken (200 per group) and this will be fed to the tigers. The short trip was bumpy, dirty, and hot, which was actually alright since we were in a savanna. It was a bit disappointing because there was only one tiger out in the open. The chicken was for enticing the tiger to come close to the jeeps. It would have been nicer to have two or three tigers roaming around. That would be a bit more dangerous but more fun.

Tour guide. Nice guy. A little bit funny. BUT. His SVA's (subject-verb agreement) and verb tenses need a lot of work. I couldn't pay attention to anything he said because of this. Yep, terrible of me, I know. But I couldn't help it!!!

We took lots of pictures and I really wanted to post everything but they're just too many!

Getting there. Bus shoot.
Meet and greet the tigers!
Croco loco.
Bird trail.
Random photos of us all over the Safari.

We reached Alabang around 9 oçlock. We were dead tired but the trip was really worth it. Until next time Subic!

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