Help me choose!

7:10:00 PM

Because of my operation, my life has been altered permanently. Just kidding. I haven't taken a full bath since Sunday (was able to wash my hair since I got out though!). I'm eating three meals a day now, complete with milk and vitamins. No coffee or booze. And most importantly, more than 7 hours of sleep.

Anyhoo, my sister's wedding is just a couple of days away. Have you seen the timer I made at the bottom of this blog?! No?! I think the gowns for the entourage are almost done. Except for mine! Then I remembered that my gown's completely sleeveless.

Nooooooo! My right underarm's completely destroyed. Not only ugly but destroyed so there's no way I can wear the gown right.

Good thing Koo was very nice and accommodating, she made another design. Oh, not one but two! Now, my problem is: which one?!

Design by Koo Gotauco
Check out her designs here!
The one on the right's currently leading the polls. Hahahahaha!

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