How was your weekend?

5:26:00 PM

What have you been up to?

My weekend's pretty packed and the best one I've had for months, I think. I'm still struggling, but just a little bit.

I love picmonkey's collage maker!
1. Some nail lovin' after so many months! I was finally able to get my nails cut to a practical length and tried green polish (Moss) for the first time. I'd love to try some nail art soon.
2. Flowers: spent 50 pesos on some pink flowers from the market, an old soda bottle, some ribbon I got lying around the room. Yep, bought these babies myself. They were not given by anyone okay? You people are so hyped!
3. Fried chicken lovers! It's official. We, Julian and I, are endorsing Chowking's Chinese Style Fried Chicken!
4. Zooger. Julian's newest baby! He's convinced that Semo (the whale) is Zooger's brother (or sister, we haven't figured out their gender yet).

I now know how to keep myself busy with things that I missed doing. I'm spending more time with Julian now, doing silly things together. We've been going out a lot (I let him play in those play houses in the mall while I stroll and do some window shopping), eating out, watching lots of TV (Naruto and Spongebob!), he's teaching me songs from One Direction and Cher Lloyd, late night walks near NBP's sunken garden (where we practice whatever new dance moves he learned), taking photos, playing online games, and brushing our teeth.

Aside from spending time with my adorable (yet uber active) kid, I have practically more time for myself. I'm slowly working on giving my room a makeover (starting with flowers!). I have lots of time to sort stored documents (I have so much!). Aside from doing my laundry in just three hours, I also have time to iron them (while watching TV of course)! It's nice to come home to a peaceful place after a long day. Being alone late at night is more bearable, coffee in one hand and a John Grisham on the other.

I'm positive that I could be doing more activities in the coming days. Maybe I'll go for a run every morning starting December (another 30-Day Challenge!) since I can't train yet. I don't think there'll be much to do after work since all of my colleagues want to head home right away after 9 pm.

I'm doing great despite the loneliness, but I'm slowly enjoying everything around me. Things I didn't give much attention before. Christmas is slowly approaching and I dread it, but hopefully things will take a turn and maybe it won't be be that bad after all.

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